The Infinite Sea is the sequel to The 5th Wave and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book.

Holed up in a derelict hotel, Cassie is waiting for a promise to be kept. It might be impossible but she will wait for Evan Walker, the impossible boy. Her companions aren’t so sure, with danger lurking around every corner. And the aliens aren’t letting up their assault on humankind. They are unleashing new, more despicable, weapons onto the planet.

If there was any hope left, it lay in love’s hopeless promises.

I feel I should have had a proper recap of The 5th Wave before I started this. I had forgotten who Ringer was so couldn’t place the first narrator. I just knew it wasn’t Cassie but it meant it took longer than it should to get into the flow of the story. The viewpoint changes a lot, and I did have difficulty keeping track at times, the voices weren’t that differentiated.

However, I did still enjoy the second instalment. If it’s possible, things are more bleak than before. For some reason unknown to the few surviving humans, the aliens are determined to torment them, drive out all humanity and make them trust no one. They can’t even take in a poor defenceless child without doubting them.

I’m not convinced that a bomb triggered by carbon dioxide could be hidden in someone’s throat. Wouldn’t they be breathing out carbon dioxide all the time?

There’s a lot of important information given out near the end and it seemed a bit rushed. This is much shorter than the first book and I have a sneaking suspicion there was a looming deadline. I went through stages of thinking what a cop-out to not understanding and then going back to where we started like maybe it was all a big con. You know how you can’t trust anyone? So maybe it’s all genius but I was left feeling bit confused.

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Book Source: Gift from Ellie @ Book Addicted Blonde