I’m pretty excited about the latest Illumicrate, I think it’s the best one yet. If yours hasn’t arrived yet, stop now to avoid spoilers! Find out how to subscribe at illumicrate.com.

When I opened the box I immediately thought it contained an umbrella. It doesn’t (maybe there’s an idea there) but it did contain not one, but TWO amazing books. One of which I was definitely planning on buying and the other had already piqued my interest. The Graces by Laure Eve isn’t out until next month, woo, and it came with a handwritten letter from Laure. Honestly, I can’t tell if it’s just a very good copy or she’s crazy enough to have hand written every one. Anyway, it’s a nice touch.

The second book is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff, the first in a new fantasy series. If you have this book and haven’t looked under the dust cover, it’s a gorgeous naked book! The rest of the artwork is pretty cool too and it comes with a bookmark and card copy of the cover. Both books come with signed bookplates as well. The colouring cards tucked under the book are actually inspired by Grisha and Six of Crows.

So moving on to the other bits, obviously with two books there’s less on the gift side, but they are all good stuff. I’d much rather have a few super nice things than a box full of bits and bobs I don’t really want. The then and now Harry Potter coasters are just lovely (the now version being based on The Cursed Child). The fan art is by Taratjah Art. And what I thought was an umbrella is actually a tote bag (I didn’t get the reference but it’s to do with Gilmore Girls) by Colorful Geekiness. It’s a bit of an odd fabric but thinking about it, maybe it’s waterproof, because there’s brollies on it and that actually would be sensible for a book bag! Both of these items are exclusive to Illumicrate.

Plus tea! Some gorgeous smelling, loose leaf fruit and green tea mixed especially for Illumicrate by Post Tea. It smells of peaches and summer and I can’t wait to try it. I had a quick look at their website and I think I can see myself ordering some more. Blueberry Muffin? Gingerbread Chai? Mmmmmm…

In the bottom of the box were some temporary witch tattoos (connected to The Gracescheck out the tumblr) and a sampler for A Torch Against the Night although I haven’t read its predecessor. There were also some discount codes included in addition to the normal Etsy ones. I may be taking Barrington Stoke up on the Unboxed one (haha, Unboxed, geddit?). The final thing was a set of Red Rising prints.

All in all, a lovely box this quarter. I’ll be looking forward to the next one even more. I’d also be up for a more frequent box if they were like this one.