Gah, I though I’d had a fairly restrained week on the old book front but it appears a few have snuck in whilst my back was turned…

I have set myself a vague rule that I’ll only accept swaps for wishlisted books. Now I have two lists; the ReadItSwapIt/Amazon list which is fairly concise and the sprawling BookMooch list which is well over 400 books long. If I’m being strict I should go with the former, but both Inked and Practical Demonkeeping were on the latter. Inked is a collection of urban fantasy stories based around tattoos. I had it wishlisted for the Karen Chance story which is set in Cassie’s universe (I’m pretty sure it is anyway) and but the other stories look interesting enough that I might read the whole book. It makes up for the fact Amazon cancelled my pre-order on Hunt The Moon and have since put the listed price up! I have a few Christopher Moore books already and, whilst they seem like they can be read out of order, this is his debut novel and in my mind, a good place to start.

Having added some books to BookMooch this week, I’ve been a bit more active in checking availability of wishlisted books over there which resulted in Dance Dance Dance and Big Stone Gap, both by authors whose work I’ve previously enjoyed.

There’s a discount bookshop in Boscombe that I barely go into as it’s mostly kids books and large hardbacks. They do have a couple of shelves of eclectic fiction which often includes those airport editions after the airports no longer want them. These bookshelves are near the windows so I can easily spy if they’ve got something I want. Today this resulted in The Last Watch, a book which is rarely seen in swapping circles. I think I only need The Twilight Watch to complete the set. Woo!

Then there’s the two charity shop accidents; Lionboy and Tales of the Slayer. Whilst normally I wouldn’t read Buffy books, this is a collection of short stories about slayers throughout history which also combines some mythology. For 50p it sounded interesting and will fill the current void of Whedonlessness on telly. Though knowing me, by the time I get round to reading it, he’ll have written a new show.

Now that I have confessed my book hoarding sins, I am going out to enjoy the sunshine.