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Tag: book swapping


Book Swap goes to Portsmouth

As part of the Portsmouth Book Fest, Scott Pack and Marie Phillips bring the normally Windsor based Firestation Book Swap to Portsmouth for one night only! This is also my annual chance to meet Scott although both years I have arrived late. Joining Scott and…


Back in the Swapping Saddle

So… my book buying ban hasn’t gone so well. At first I managed to avoid spending money on books but made up for it by getting review copies, going to the library and mooching. I also allowed myself any pre-ordered books and generally the book…

Books In


Gah, I though I’d had a fairly restrained week on the old book front but it appears a few have snuck in whilst my back was turned… I have set myself a vague rule that I’ll only accept swaps for wishlisted books. Now I have…



So all the recent discussions over on BookMooch have made me feel a bit guilty about not adding my books there any more. So I looked out 15 sticky books off my ReadItSwapIt list and added them to my BookMooch inventory. I’m probably one of…