So all the recent discussions over on BookMooch have made me feel a bit guilty about not adding my books there any more. So I looked out 15 sticky books off my ReadItSwapIt list and added them to my BookMooch inventory. I’m probably one of the people to blame for points inflation; I tend to send international but mostly mooch domestic. If you’re patient and not uber fussy about your reading habits, I think BookMooch works quite well but I can see where people with loads of points get concerned. Until you manage to use them up, you don’t really want to add anything new.

In less than 24 hours, 5 of those books have been mooched and I have an extra 13 points. That can easily be converted into 13 extra books for me! Yeah, you can see where this is headed. Maybe I should give more back to charity shops too, they also tend to make me feel guilty with their ‘please bring me back‘ stickers. Maybe I should introduce a system that for every 3 books I read and don’t want to keep, one goes on BookMooch and one goes to charity.

Of course, that means I spend more time in charity shops and on BookMooch which runs the risk of inflating my TBR beyond hope!