As part of the Portsmouth Book Fest, Scott Pack and Marie Phillips bring the normally Windsor based Firestation Book Swap to Portsmouth for one night only! This is also my annual chance to meet Scott although both years I have arrived late.

Joining Scott and Marie on the comfy chairs were the lovely Tanya Byrne and Dorothy Koomson. You will all know I loved Heart-Shaped Bruise and it was great to finally meet Tanya and have her scribble in my copy. I had to admit, despite there being a few of Dorothy’s books lurking in the depths of the TBR, I haven’t actually read any of them. Although after hearing a bit more about them, I definitely will be picking them up soon.

Tanya after swapping her copy of Will Grayson, Will Grayson for The Song of Achilles.

Dorothy pitching My Sister’s Keeper (of which she had 3 copies at home).

Marie pitching Tigers in Red Weather.

Scott facilitating a 3-way swap for his copy of Gone Girl.

I managed to come away from Book Swap minus one book! After failing to swap for anything, I gave one lady my copy of The Black House, which I had brought along for my friend to swap (who was later than me and therefore missed the whole thing).