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Category: Translation

Fantasy, Translation

Vita Nostra

Read The World: Ukraine Sasha Samokhina is a straight A student looking forward to going to university. When on holiday with her single mother a strange man starts to follow her. He sets her a challenge to repeat every day, to go swimming naked the…

Graphic Novel, Translation

Freedom Hospital

Read the World: Syria Freedom Hospital is a mix of fact and fiction, based around an underground Syrian hospital which tends to injured rebels. At the start of the book, it feels like the rebels wanted a peaceful solution to the country’s problems. As time…



Read the World: Italy When the Red Fever came, it killed only the adults. On the island of Siciliy, young Anna and her little brother Astor are left orphaned. Before her death, their mother wrote The Book of Important things, with instructions on how to…


Down the Rabbit Hole

Read the World: Mexico Down the Rabbit Hole is both a story about a lonely boy who wants a pygmy hippo and a glimpse into the world of a drug lord. Tochtli lives with his father in a secluded and secure palace. His only friends…

Non-Fiction, Translation

Soviet Space Dogs

Space dogs were part of Soviet propaganda, perhaps in its most demonstrative form. This was quite an apt birthday book as my birthday shares the date with the anniversary of the first animal in space. Many of us have heard of Laika, the dog Russia…

Science Fiction, Translation

Memory of Water

Noria Kaitio is following in her father’s footsteps, like each generation before her, and is training to become a Tea Master. In a world where water is rationed, the tea ceremony is a privilege, and only the most important people will come to drink their…