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Category: Translation

5 Star, Horror, Translation


One evil spawned another, greater evil, and ultimately everything could be traced back to Black Spring. Welcome to Black Spring, once you move in there’s no going back. The town keeps a secret, it’s home to a witch who walks the streets, and often lurks…


The Man I Became

This is the story of a gorilla who became a man. Plucked from his natural habitat, he learns how to speak, how walk and how to act like a human. Yet humans remain his masters. Periene’s mission is to provide books that can be read…


Reader for Hire

Marie-Constance has a wonderful voice and a love of reading. One day a friend suggest to her that she should offer a service reading to people in their homes. So she places an ad in the local paper and waits for the replies to come…

Classics, Science Fiction, Translation


If they do not understand that we are bringing them a mathematically faultless happiness, our duty is to force them to be happy. The forefather of dystopian fiction, the Russian We (confusingly called My in its original language) starts of in a utopian society. Someone…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Islanders

Following the death of his mother, Olivier is stranded in a snowy Versailles over Christmas. When he goes to ask his neighbour for the phonebook, an old flame opens the door. He hasn’t seen his high school love Jeanne in twenty years. But their past…



Only eight centimetres of juice remained, compared to fifteen when I had left for work. Someone had been helping themselves to it. And yet I live alone. Fifty-six year old Shimura Kobo lives alone in the suburbs of Nagasaki. His life is relatively uneventful; he…


The Dead Lake

The joy of the steppe, the joy of music and joy of childhood always coexisted in Yerzhan with the anticipation of that inescapable, terrible, abominable thing that came as a rumbling and a trembling, and then a swirling, sweeping tornado from the Zone. Yerzhan is…


Plague and Cholera

The history of science is often rolled out as a broad avenue leading straight from ignorance to truth, but that is false. The history of science is a network of dead ends in which thought loses its way and ties itself up in knots. An…

General Fiction, Literary, Translation

Lazy Days

Bror Telemann is on holiday in Germany with his wife and children. His wife Nina, loves Germany. He doesn’t. He does like theatre and Nigella Lawson though. Whilst the rest of his family enjoy the sights, he lets his mind wander to thoughts of theatre……


The Best Book in the World

Is it possible to write a book that hits the bestseller charts in every category? That’s the idea washed up author Titus Jensen and radical poet Eddie X come up with whilst more than a little drunk. In the cold light of day, Titus takes…