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Category: Translation


Someone I Loved

Chloé’s husband has left her and their children for another woman. She is angry and confused but her father-in-law (or would that be ex father-in-law?), Pierre, comes to the rescue and whisks her away from it all. They have never been close, Pierre generally quiet…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Black Path

It is spring in northern Sweden, when a body is found hidden in a fishing ark, on the frozen lake of Torneträsk. She’s dressed for running, not for fishing in icy conditions, yet she’s wearing make-up. Whilst inspectors Mella and Stålnacke think it’s probably another…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Dark Valley

Guest review by Penny from ReadItSwapIt. This is the second in an Italian set crime series featuring Commissario Soneri. The first book, River of Shadows, was set in the Po Valley in the midst of floods and I found it very enjoyable, even though it…

Short Stories, Translation

March Was Made of Yarn

The thought occurred to me, as I was sweating from expending all this energy. How minuscule this was compared with something like, say, the cleanup after 3/11. This was just one tree. Cleanup after 3/11 was beyond inconceivable. Like all anthologies, there are going to…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Mattress House

A child goes missing from kindergarten, when he returns, he has been beaten. Other similar cases soon start to appear, the children have all been beaten around the head and shoulders and speak of a “black owl”. The police have no leads and they turn…

Crime Fiction, Translation


8:34am Fourteen people were dead. Twenty-one were wounded, some permanently. Hundreds would be scarred forever by what they had seen. Outside, the world was waking up. To start another day. Carnage is a short novella at 111 pages yet it packs some punch. It covers…

Translation, Young Adult


There is a disc being passed round at Nick’s school. It’s shrouded in secrecy, no one will talk to him about it when he asks. One day, he finally gets given a copy but only after he has sworn to silence. It is a game,…

Crime Fiction, Translation


Last year I read The Bomber as part of the Transworld Book Club and whilst I had reservations, I said I’d give Annika, the main character, a second chance. I took the offer of a review copy of Vanished as a sign. At this point,…