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Category: Translation

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Sweetness of Life

It’s Christmas in the Austrian town of Furth am See and psychiatrist Raffael Horn is over-run with patients. A young girl is brought to him as she refuses to speak. She has just seen the mutilated body of her grandfather, his head unrecognisable. Don’t let…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Bomber

Annika has been promoted to the head of crime at the Evening Post, a major Stockholm newspaper, when a report comes in of an explosion at the Olympic stadium. She’s determined to get the best angle on the story and discover the truth before any…

Crime Fiction, Translation

River of Shadows

Guest Blogger: Penny This is the first of a series, recently translated from the Italian by Joseph Farrell, and takes place during and in the aftermath of a severe winter flood in the Po Valley. The water is rising and a barge leaves the comparative…

Horror, Translation

Handling the Undead

Stockholm is in the grip of a heatwave and strange things are happening. Electrical appliances won’t turn off, everyone has headaches and the recently dead are starting to come back to life. Not the average zombie story, John Ajvide Lindqvist has taken the time to…

Crime Fiction, Translation


A house in Athens is burned to the ground, three are dead and one women is left fighting for her life. The women, Sonia, was once a great actress and her ex-lovers, her alcoholic landlord and a policeman, are the only ones who wish to…

Crime Fiction, Translation

Until Thy Wrath Be Past

Set in the northern reaches of Sweden, a young couple went missing over winter, presumed dead in a diving accident. When the spring thaw releases the girl’s body, Inspector Mella and prosecutor Martinsson start investigating the secrets of a small isolated town where everyone knows…


The Breakers

First published in French as Les Déferlantes, Claudie Gallay’s The Breakers has been translated into English by Alison Anderson (who was also the translator of Breaking Away). The novel is set in a small coastal town on Cap de la Hague in Normandy (that’s the…

5 Star, Translation

Breaking Away

First published in French as L’Échappée belle, Anna Gavalda’s Breaking Away is indeed a beautiful escape. Short, yet prefectly formed, it’s more of a novella at 142 pages of charming prose translated into English by Alison Anderson. I hadn’t even sat down yet, one buttock…