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Category: Translation

Q+A, Translation

Q+A with Peter Stjernström

The Best Book in the World Blog Tour Following phenomenal success with The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, Hesperus Press is delighted to be publishing a wacky and witty new Swedish novel from undiscovered author Peter Stjernström. The Best Book…


Mr Darwin’s Gardener

In the village of Downe, a gardener is mourning the loss of his wife. It just so happens he is Charles Darwin’s gardener. Avoiding the prying minds of the rest of the village and turning his back on religion, he is considered a loner. He…


The Goddess Chronicle

This tale may be spun from my words but I speak for the goddess, the one who governs the Realm of the Dead. My words may be dyed red with anger; they may tremble in yearning after the living; but they are all, each and…


The Panda Theory

When Gabriel steps off the train in a small Breton town, he is a complete stranger. Nobody knows where he came from or who he really is. Yet his small acts of kindness make an impression on the locals and he is soon welcomed into…

General Fiction, Literary, Translation


After a lifetime of being nice, Doppler realises he doesn’t like people that much and sets off to live in the forest by himself, leaving his life, and wife and children, behind. When he becomes desperate for food, he kills an elk. But the elk…

Historical Fiction, Q+A, Translation

The Confidant

When Camille receives a letter describing events from pre-war France, she is sure that the writer has got the wrong address. When the letters continue to arrive, she starts to suspect one of her authors, pitching a new novel in a different yet sneaky manner….

General Fiction, Translation

The Guard

Harry and Michel are the only two guards in a luxury apartment block. The never leave the basement and their number one priority is keeping the residents safe. Who knows what dangers lurk outside the apartment rules. They spend their days on a strict routine,…