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Tag: holly bourne

Young Adult

It Only Happens in the Movies

Everyone warns Audrey about Harry when she starts working at the independent cinema. But that’s fine with her because she’s sworn off men since Milo broke up with her. That doesn’t mean she can’t help him with his zombie film… You’re so middle class, I…

Young Adult

…And a Happy New Year?

…And a Happy New Year? is a follow-up special to the Spinster Club trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. It’s the first time since the girls left for college that the Spinster Club has met up and Amber’s throwing…

Young Adult

What’s a Girl Gotta Do?

When Lottie is harassed in the street on her way to college, she knows something has to change. So, time for a Spinster Club special project! Lottie decides to call out every incident of sexism she sees for a whole month. No matter that her…

Young Adult

How Hard Can Love Be?

Amber hasn’t seen her mother in two years, she didn’t even get invited to the wedding. Ever since she sobered up, she seems to have had a personality transplant. This summer she hopes to fix everything, by spending six weeks helping out at the California…

Young Adult

Am I Normal Yet?

Starting at a new college, where no one knows her as the girl who went crazy, Evie is determined to get her life back on track and start being a normal teenage girl. She’s almost off her meds and is getting out and going to…