Stevie Bell is all set for a boring summer at home. When an entrepreneur owner of a summer camp contacts her with an unsolved case, and she gets to bring her friends along if she agrees to investigate. In 1978, four teenagers were murdered at Camp Wonder Falls, their killer never found.

A murder reveal is worth skipping Netflix for.

I devoured the Truly Devious trilogy earlier in the year, so I was delighted when I heard that there’d be a spin-off standalone mystery featuring Stevie and her friends from Ellingham. Even better, it’s set at a summer camp.

I liked the setting, with Stevie staying at the scene of the crime, just some decades on. Again the kids are away from their families, with a sense of freedom. Plus there’s all the camp activities and a lake setting. Its full of the usual warmth and mild humour of the previous books. Just what I want in a YA mystery.

Stevie’s confidence vanished as soon as it had come. She was a teenager, saddled with a tech bro, trying to solve something she knew little about.

I loved that it acknowledged that the person who owns the camp and got Stevie involved is irresponsible and shouldn’t be getting her to do this. To counteract this, they have a very sensible person running the camp and telling them off for evading their duties.

It’s not quite as good as the books set at Ellingham but I enjoyed spending time with Stevie and friends again. David isn’t in this a huge amount and their relationship is still in a weird place. You could read this as a standalone but it might spoil the previous trilogy if you wanted to read that.

Guns weren’t usually required in Barlow Corners; he’d only pulled it once in his career there, during a suspected robbery that turned out to be a raccoon in the wall.

I’m kinda feeling like I should have used this for Popsugar’s locked room mystery prompt, because there is one, it’s just not the main mystery. I’d appreciate some suggestion for modern locked room mysteries (I’ve read After Atlas and The Real-Town Murders).

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