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Month: September 2012


Popcorn Moment: Untouchable

I went to see a French film. At the cinema. And it’s not even July! Intouchables is based on the true story of Abdel Sellou and Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo (also available in books form; You Changed My Life). It is apparently the second most…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I think these weekly memes are the equivalent to food diaries for book addicts; I always think I’ve had a pretty good week until I sit down to tally up what books have come in… There’s always more than I realised! Being…


September Sci-Fi Link-Up

In the spirit of Me Month, I am picking a book for you without a democratic vote (a.k.a. last minute rush poll). Part of this sci-fi challenge was to challenge your preconceptions of the genre (how’s that working for you anyway?) and another group of…