Well, August is over already so lets have a look at how well I did with Review Copy Cleanup. My goal was to read 10 review books and I managed to read and review 10 books. Result! I also squeezed in The Explorer by James Smythe. So that’s 11 review books down, not that many were overdue ones…but more on that later. Here are the 10 (click cover to read review):

So I also farmed out a few of my older review copies to my fabulous guest reviewers, Jo and Bex. Jo reviewed Booker longlisted The Garden of Evening Mists and Bex reviewed both Slash and Burn and The Humorist (review to follow).

Finally, I binned off two books that weren’t working for me. I think this is important to do even if it’s a book you’ve received for review. Our time is precious and better spent reading books that are right for us. If you think you might like either of these books more than me, I am happy to send on to UK guest reviewers.

So September is now designated Me Month. I’m going to be reading what I fancy, when I fancy. Which doesn’t mean to say there will be no review books but I’m not going to be reading to any perceived deadlines. Publishers, never fear, any books in my posession will go back on the review pile for October.