If being left at the altar wasn’t bad enough, Sybil’s fiancée left her for her twin sister. She’s so distracted at work, she believes she’s made the biggest cock-up and flees to the country to visit her best friend. Completely unprepared, the locals take pity on Sybs and take her in. Whilst staying in Tindledale, she soon discovers Hettie’s House of Haberdashery, a shop in need of a helping hand and a bit of modernisation, with the elderly owner struggling financially. It’s serendipity that Sybs has always dreaming of running a knitting business.

I loved the heart-warming message behind The Great Christmas Knit Off. Whilst many of these festive books focus on romance, this sees a community banding together to help an old lady out of financial difficulty, but without doing anything to make her feel embarrassed.

It might be far-fetched for a stranger to take so much interest in a stranger but Sybil and Hettie bond over their love of knitting. Once the locals see someone doing something practical to help her out, they are all eager to join in. I’m not sure people would be willing to give up s much time for free, but it’s the kind of fuzzy book that you just have to not think too hard about.

There’s a hint of a romantic story too. Sybs is quite expectedly burnt by her experience with Luke, who even left her with the bill for the Star Wars themed wedding that never happened. On her train journey to Tindledale someone leaves her an invitation to call written on a newspaper and she’s sure it must be the handsome man whose muffin was nearly eaten by her dog.

There’s plenty of false starts and a gentle bit of romance, but the main focus is Sybs refinding her confidence whilst creating a Christmas miracle for one old lady. It’s sad to think there are people in the world more interested in the inheritance than making sure their relatives are happy.

It’s set in December in a snow filled village and there’s plenty of Christmas jumpers being knitted. So I would give this a big thumbs up if you’re looking for a light festive read for the holidays.

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