An English Boy in New York is the sequel to Boys Don’t Knit and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book.

Ben had almost forgot his prize included a trip to KnitFair USA in New York. Now he only needs to decide who to take and clear it with his probation officer, then make it through immigration which is harder said than done when you’ve got a record and are a member of an activist group. Poor Ben just wants a rest, but his trip is turning into PR meeting after PR meeting. The he opens his mouth on radio and says something he is soon going to regret.

An English Boy in New York is a fun follow up to Ben’s knitting adventures. The hoopie is taking off and he’s convinced he’s allergic to the colour cerise. Knitting with it makes his head hurt. So of course there’s a plot which leads him to cerise wool and the discovery of Canadian paracetamol. I thought his opinions on the differences between US and UK teeth were adorable. And it kinda made me want a Philly cheesesteak sandwich even though I don’t like steak. Honestly, these books are such fun and distracting reads, more please!

I don’t really want to say who Ben ends up taking to New York, but let’s just say it isn’t his girlfriend, Megan. It does say on the blurb but I didn’t read that first and I liked the suspense of him going through his contacts. Being separated from his girlfriend makes Ben paranoid of course, maybe her gran isn’t sick after all…

New York provides many an opportunity for Ben’s anxiety to show through. There are plenty of books that make things like paranoia and anxiety into dramatic centrepieces but I like the reality of it in this. It’s the silly little things that makes Ben worry, exactly the sort of things that can make living with anxiety into a daily struggle against logic.

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Book Source: Gift from Ellie @ Book Addicted Blonde