Endgame is the final book in the Night School series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books.

Why couldn’t they have even a day to be normal kids in a normal school, with their A levels the biggest obstacle ahead of them?

Allie can’t believe they left Carter behind. She’ll never forgive them if he’s dead. Back at Cimmeria Academy, the students and teachers regroup to form a plan to find him and stop Nathan once and for all. The endgame has started.

The Night School story has come to an end. I loved this series at the start but the last couple of books have trailed off for me and I think it was the right time to end it. I was starting to feel the whole Orion organisation was a bit tenuous.

Considering I applauded the handling of a “love triangle” at the beginning, it’s goes severely downhill at the end. Allie’s behaviour towards Sylvain was pretty rotten and I have been left with the feeling that I don’t like this girl very much. I may have misconstrued it but it seemed like she didn’t want to dump one until she knew the other wasn’t going to die. Considering how much she thinks about the boys, they have very little presence in the story, making it feel like a lot of it is just what’s swirling round in her head.

We’re young. This is the age when we’re supposed to make mistakes. You have to let yourself learn. We’re still figuring out what we want. Who we are. All of us are.

The plot’s pretty weak and I do think Endgame and Resistance could have been one book and still have managed to tie off the loose ends. Young adult books don’t generally focus on the older adults, and here I think I wanted that. Nathaniel’s a bit of a cardboard cut-out villain, with some hints of humanity that wanted exploring but were just mentioned then forgotten about. Having got to the end, I still don’t quite see the whole point on Orion considering what their great plan to end the fighting was. Why did it all matter so much in the first place?

If you’ve been reading the series, you’ll definitely want to know how it pans out and I found Endgame to be a quick read. It was good to have some closure.

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