I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous of Bex’s latest enterprise; I’ve previously toyed with the idea of a book subscription box (albeit not the same theme) but the logistics have always put me off. You may know Bex from the wonderful Ninja Book Swap which grew from a small affair between bloggy friends to the huge gift swapping exercise it is now. So, I know how much enthusiasm will go into this box!

There’s been a huge growth in young adult themed book subscription boxes lately but there’s not much catering for other reading tastes in the UK. Ninja Book Box will contain a book from an independent publisher as well as themed gifts, mostly from UK businesses. And by independent, that does not mean self-published, there are so many great indie publishers in the UK.

Independents range from the big guys whose books you often see on shelves and award lists such as Bloomsbury, Canongate and Faber to small presses who only publish a handful of books each year, like Peirene and Unsung Stories. Often you’ll find them publishing works that would otherwise be dismissed by the Big Five as not commercially viable but often this means they are something completely different.

The thing is, these gems aren’t always as well read as they should be. The publishers don’t have massive marketing budgets or those contacts with supermarket buyers (or they just can’t afford the low wholesale prices). So something like the Ninja Book Box is a great way to discover something new and unexpected.

And don’t be thinking independent only means contemporary literary fiction. There’s something for everyone with young adult, comics and graphic novels, science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, short stories, crime, translation and historical fiction amongst the independently published books I’ve read in the past. A mixed genre subscription box is also a fantastic way to broaden your reading horizons and read something you might not normally pick up.

Still not sure? Well I’ve backed the first box and I’ll be unboxing it here on my blog like I do with Illumicrate. Whilst it’ll be too late by then to get the first box, you’ll be able to subscribe for future boxes.

The only guaranteed way to get the first Ninja Book Box is to support the Kickstarter and there’s a couple of day left! There’s also a chance to win a box too (keep scrolling past the dog). If you miss out there will be a mini box option available on the website. Sign up to their newsletter to keep up-to-date.

Scully wanted to help out with this post. Independent books smell and taste just as good as any other book! The Ninja Book Box gets her seal of approval.

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