Reap the Wind is the 7th book in the Cassie Palmer series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books.

On the brink of a supernatural war, Pythia Cassie Palmer has more important things on her mind. Time is running out to save Priktin’s soul from the curse determined to wipe him from the timeline. She knows both the Circle and the Senate won’t be any help, they are too concerned with using her as a tool in their own interests. So instead she teams up with Rosier, no longer her enemy, and drags him back through time to remove the curse.

Cassie Palmer is one of the few urban fantasy series I’ve really kept up to date with. After the ending of Tempt the Stars, I was eager to find out Priktin’s fate. However despite an overly long novel, there really isn’t much movement in the overriding series arc. Don’t expect many answers.

There was so much padding, constantly going over the same ground. I don’t mind a quick recap at the start, especially when it’s been two years between books, but I really don’t need a series recap right in the middle of the story. Every time something from the past was mentioned, it seemed like it came with a recap.

I did enjoy what little story there was. Cassie has joined forces with demon lord Rosier (Pritkin’s father) to go back in time and lift the curse off Pritkin as it travels back through his timeline. Easier said than done, and each time something gets in the way, leading Cassie to go further and further back. She’s stretching her power to the limit and she’s going to need some help.

One of these days, I was going to have to consider the concept of just avoiding bathrooms altogether. Weird shit happened to me in bathrooms.

Back in the present, all the magical groups are still bickering. There’s a war brewing and they all want the Pythia on their side, and under their control. Cassie has different ideas of course. She’s also found herself in charge of a group of young clairvoyants, her court she rescued at the end of the previous book.

So many loose ends and nothing tied up. If the next book doesn’t go anywhere, I think this will be the end, although I have been enjoying the Dorina Basarab books which are also set in the same world. I think it’s about time Dorina and Cassie met each other though. Cassie assumes Dorina is a romantic interest in Mircea’s life and the misunderstandings have been going on too long.

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