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Month: April 2012


#readathon hour twenty-one

Good morning campers! I bet you’re all jealous that I’ve had some sleep. OK, OK, I’ll stopping rubbing it in but I am here to sign in for cheering duties. I may also sneak in a little bit of reading, picked up Hollow Pike just…


#readathon hour eleven

I have a finished a book! Phew. However I don’t want to make The Immortal Rules sound like a struggle, it’s a great book (more about that later) but it’s just quite long. Readathons are not the times for reading lengthy books so I’m going…


#readathon hour seven

So, according to schedule, I should have been reading for 6 hours. I ended up having an unscheduled afternoon nap. Oops. Am about half way through The Immortal Rules and really enjoying it but seems like it’s going to be a long book. Yup, am…


#readathon hour one

It’s probably not a good idea to go out drinking the night before the readathon…I’ll probably be needing a nap in about 3 hours! I’m only aiming to do 12 hours of reading this time and I’ll be cheering for the final hours instead (after…

Chick-Lit, Romance


Tess is running away from her old life. She’s not even sure where Cleveland is when she hurriedly accepts a job as a housesitter in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, she’s not even sure Joe offered her the job when she said she was on her way. She turns…


666 Charing Cross Road

It all starts with a book. Liza prefers her books old and fusty but she must make do with the shiny editions at Fangtasm, her local fantasy and mystery bookstore. But when bookseller Jack sees a classified for a bookshop at 666 Charing Cross Road,…

Books In


AKA In My Mailbox For Review What Dies in Summer by Tom Wright (Canongate) Shift by Kim Curran (Strange Chemistry) Blackwood by Gwenda Bond (Strange Chemistry) The Glimpse by Claire Merle (Faber and Faber) Won The Sugar Girls by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi Bought…

Crime Fiction, Young Adult

I Hunt Killers

Jazz is the son of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. His father is now in jail and he lives with his ailing grandmother and things are going OK. The when a body turns up in a nearby field, Jazz is convinced it’s the…

5 Star, Science Fiction

Apocalypse Cow

Then he heard it: a long and shuddering moo, emanating from deep within the trees. The moo came again thirty seconds later, quieter this time. It was moving away, towards the rolling fields where thousands of dairy cows grazed in blissful ignorance, and the suburbs…