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Tag: paris in july


Someone I Loved

Chloé’s husband has left her and their children for another woman. She is angry and confused but her father-in-law (or would that be ex father-in-law?), Pierre, comes to the rescue and whisks her away from it all. They have never been close, Pierre generally quiet…


Tarte Rosette Tricolore

This is just one of the mouth-watering recipes included in Freedom Fries and Café Crème by Jocelyne Rapinac; a collection of transatlantic stories revolving around love and food. I’ll be reviewing the book as part of Paris in July later in the month and hopefully…


C’est Juillet Déjà ?

To celebrate the Paris in July blog event, I have a copy of Anna Gavalda’s Breaking Away (English translation) to give away to one winner. Open internationally and entry via Rafflecopter at the end of this post. July has crept up on me and I…


Paris in July

Those of you who were following me last year may remember the blog went all French in July. Well I’ll be at it again for Paris in July 2012! Rest assured, I won’t be blogging in French (I only know a few words) but I’ll…


Paris in July Round-Up

So July is over and I’ve really enjoyed reading and watching something a bit different from normal. I haven’t quite read everything I set out to but I will be reviewing Badfellas in the near future and I do need to do a post about…


The Tarasque

…Alabre De sang uman e de cadabre, Dins nòsti bos e nòsti vabre, Un moustren, un flèu di diéu, barrulo… Agués pieta! La bèsti a la co d’un coulobre, A d’iue mai rouge qu’un cinobre; Sus l’esquino a d’escaumo e d’àsti que fan pòu! D’un…


Hors de Prix

Priceless is a French romantic comedy staring the gorgeous Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh. Iréne is a bit of a gold digger and mistakes the bartender, Jean, in her Riviera hotel for a millionaire. Of course when she discovers he’s not rich, she dumps him…