De sang uman e de cadabre,
Dins nòsti bos e nòsti vabre,
Un moustren, un flèu di diéu, barrulo… Agués pieta!

La bèsti a la co d’un coulobre,
A d’iue mai rouge qu’un cinobre;
Sus l’esquino a d’escaumo e d’àsti que fan pòu!
D’un gros lioun porto lou mourre
E sièis pèd d’ome pèr miés courre;
Dins sa cafourne, souto un mourre
Que domino lou Rose, emporto ço que pòu.

For human blood and corpses
In our woods and our ravines
Roams a monster, a scourge of the gods… Have mercy!
The beast has a dragon’s tail
And eyes redder than cinnabar;
On its back, its scales and spikes are terrifying!
It has the muzzle of a great lion,
And six human feet, to run faster;
Into its cavern, under a rock
Overlooking the Rhone, it carries all it can.

Frédéric Mistral, Mireille

The passage and translation above are taken from the start of The Beast of the Camargue by Xavier-Marie Bonnot but you can read the full poem online in English and the original Occitan (a language spoken in southern France).