I’m sorry, I forgot to post a poll for March’s group read and have ended up grabbing a book off my shelves that I haven’t read yet either. This month, lets prove that genre and literary fiction aren’t mutually exclusive with one of Margaret Atwood’s books, Oryx and Crake.

Snowman wakes before dawn. He lies unmoving, listening to the tide coming in, wave after wave sloshing over the various barricades, wish-wash, wish-wash, the rhythm of heartbeat. He would so like to believe he is still asleep.

On the eastern horizon there’s a greyish haze, lit now with a rosy, deadly glow. Strange how that colour still seems tender. The offshore towers stand out in dark silhouette against it, rising improbably out of the pink and pale blue of the lagoon. The shrieks of the birds that nest out there and the distant ocean grinding against the ersatz reefs of rusted car parts and jumbled bricks and assorted rubble sound almost like holiday traffic.

Out of habit he looks at his watch – stainless-steel case, burnished aluminium band, still shiny although it no longer works. He wears it now as his only talisman. A blank face is what it shows him: zero hour. It causes a jolt of terror to run through him, this absence of official time. Nobody nowhere knows what time it is.

You should easily be able to find second hand copies or pick it up from your library and it’s widely available to buy in a range of formats, including ebook. As before, the group read is completely optional for the reading challenge and you can carry on with books of your own choice if you prefer.