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Popcorn Moment: Catching Fire

I had mostly forgotten the plot of Catching Fire, only really remembering that I thought it was kinda the same as the first book. So I can’t really do a comparison but bits kept coming back to me and I think it stays pretty faithful to the book. If anything, the focus is a bit more on the rebellion than Katniss’s personal circumstances. For many, it’s going to be a slow start as it felt very little time was spent in the arena but overall I really enjoyed it. Maybe that works better for those who found the books a bit samey?

Jennifer Lawrence’s finest acting moment is the face she pulls when Joanna takes her clothes off in front of her. It’s priceless. Of course, she’s the star of the show and her performance is faultless. I liked Peeta a lot more this time round. I don’t think I ever warmed to him in the books, but when Katniss goes from awkwardness to genuine care, I started to come round to him. Gale’s just hanging around at home seeming a bit useless (I guess he was made more enticing in the books than the films). There’s another lovely moment with Cinna…oh and THE DRESS! I want her Mockingjay dress!

Was the ending sudden in the book? I read them all in one weekend so I really can’t remember if it had an annoying end point. I know most of you will have read them and it’s probably a moot point…but I think the end going to be a bit crap for non-bookish cinema goers.

I had an extra special effect during the baboon scene, where a man started crawling around on the floor. I think he was picking up food that he had dropped but he got a bit too close to comfort. I at least hope he wasn’t re-enacting the scene. Ah the joys of watching a film in a room with a bunch of strangers (when can we have new films streamed direct into our homes?).

Preview tickets provided by O2.

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  1. Ellie

    I've just started reading Catching Fire – for the first time – and I haven't even see the first movie yet, but this trailer gives me goosebumps. It just looks epic and rousing and OH CINNA I WANT YOU TO BE MY STYLIST FOREVER. Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong. I need to hurry up, watch the first film, finish this book and then I might actually have a shot of seeing this installment in-theatre for a change! (I'm really bad for that. I still haven't seen either of the Deathly Hallow films or the new Star Trek – I AM A CINEMAGOING FAILURE.)

    1. Ellie

      I am a cinemagoing failure too! I only really go when I get free tickets to things. Still haven't seen Despicable Me 2 or Monsters University. I want to see Gravity on the IMAX screen because everyone says it looks amazeballs but that means 2 cinema visits in one month!

      P.S. Jennifer Lawrence is the bestest. I watched Silver Linings Playbook at the weekend so I think it took a while for her to stop being Tiffany in my head. I should have re-watched THG.

  2. Becky LeJeune

    Oh, I'm jealous that you've seen it already! Midnight showings start tonight but I'm not even trying. I think I'll wait until Sunday and brave the crowds then.

  3. Anonymous

    It's been so long since I read the book as well that I can't remember how it ended! Dying to see it but probably won't get to until next week. Glad to hear it's good.

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