Bring on the cake! I’ve been blogging for three whole years… I had wanted to do a week of fun blogoversary stuff but time is fast disappearing round here. Is there a relative of the sock monster who eats time?

Words of Wisdom

Most people are worrying too much about themselves to worry about what you’re doing.

No one likes everything.

Or all the same things.

Ignore those who tell you you’re blogging wrong, it’s only their opinion.

Blogging should be fun, do what you want to do.

Saying that. Don’t do anything legally iffy.*

And try not to get on the drama llama too often, he spits and kicks.

He also eats penguins for breakfast.

*Some good advice (for UK bloggers) on what needs disclosure (good news, it’s not what most of us are doing). Also credit any photographs that aren’t yours (the llama and cake are mine) and get permission to use if they aren’t Creative Commons licensed. Don’t plagarise, don’t tell porkies and don’t harrass anyone.

So now for the good part. Free books! 3 winners can pick a book from those I’ve reviewed on this blog. As I read across genres there should be something for everyone. Open internationally, entry by Rafflecopter, blah blah blah…

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