A book about temptation to kill someone
A dead owl placed on your doorstep what would it mean?
A truth revealed in Eleanor and Park
Bereft is an emotion.

Humans are a myth
Fey dead ever after
Dead tree technology
Do androids dream of electric sheep jar?

Fabulous sherlock
Missing pretty girls
Path of needles
Passionate love.

January my first love
First last kiss how it ends
Autumn crush
Dark heroine sex.

Irma could tell exactly
What happened to Misty Kitson;
Blurred lines badgers
Buscemi pygmy mouse lemur.

Bookworm magic
Bookworm kiss
Unbroken exaggerated
Do the bookworms ever have sex?

It costume Stephen King
Mussels scream
Cruel horrow sounds
Scary clowns HD.

How to kill TBR pile
Cholera vs bubonic plague
Food found in the book “the rook”
Can mussels kill my child?

Charles Darwin is a loner
Addicted to folio society.
If being pooed by a black bird good luck
How did Pascal Garnier die?

Group souls
Liberated by giving up
Heart is unremarkable
Hyperbole and a half atom.

Curious then disenchanted meaning
Curiosity for the panda
Curiosity killed the heterosexual
Shit keeps happening!

Happy World Poetry Day! Each line is an actual search term that has reached my blog in the last year. One of the best things about having a blog is seeing what crazy stuff people search for. Don’t forget to enter my blogoversary giveaway too.