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Popsugar Reading Challenge 2019

Popsugar Reading Challenge 2019

The Popsugar Reading Challenge for next year has been released. There are 40 regular and 10 advanced prompts to interpret as you wish and a fantastic Goodreads group to keep you motivated.

The list has been out for a week now so I’ve had time to consider the list. I’m not too happy with the book recommended by a celebrity, another posthumously published book, over a million ratings or LitRPG, but the others are all do-able without straying too far into books I don’t want to read.

I’ve felt a little lost these past few weeks without my challenge reading to guide me, so I’m definitely doing this again next year. Do join the group for weekly check-ins, help with prompts and just general bookish friendliness.

Here’s the list in full:

1. A book becoming a movie in 2019
2. A book that makes you nostalgic
3. A book written by a musician (fiction or nonfiction)
4. A book you think should be turned into a movie
5. A book with at least one million ratings on Goodreads
6. A book with a plant in the title or on the cover
7. A reread of a favorite book
8. A book about a hobby
9. A book you meant to read in 2018
10. A book with POP, SUGAR, or CHALLENGE in the title
11. A book with an item of clothing or accessory on the cover
12. A book inspired by myth/legend/folklore
13. A book published posthumously
14. A book you see someone reading on TV or in a movie
15. A retelling of a classic
16. A book with a question in the title
17. A book set on college or university campus
18. A book about someone with a superpower
19. A book told from multiple POVs
20. A book set in space
21. A book by two female authors
22. A book with SALTY, SWEET, BITTER, or SPICY in the title
23. A book set in Scandinavia
24. A book that takes place in a single day
25. A debut novel
26. A book that’s published in 2019
27. A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature
28. A book recommended by a celebrity you admire
29. A book with LOVE in the title
30. A book featuring an amateur detective
31. A book about a family
32. A book author from Asia, Africa, or South America
33. A book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in title
34. A book that includes a wedding
35. A book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter
36. A ghost story
37. A book with a two-word title
38. A novel based on a true story
39. A book revolving around a puzzle or game
40. Your favorite prompt from a past POPSUGAR Reading challenge

41. A “cli-fi” (climate fiction) book
42. A “choose-your-own-adventure” book
43. An “own voices” book
44. Read a book during the season it is set in
45. A LitRPG book
46. A book with no chapters / unusual chapter headings / unconventionally numbered chapters
47. Two books that share the same title
48. Two books that share the same title
49. A book that has inspired a common phrase or idiom
50. A book set in an abbey, cloister, monastery, vicarage, or convent

The printable list isn’t all that printable, but you could use it as a digital checklist in a graphics editor.

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  1. Debbie Phillips

    Thank you so much… was looking all over for a list of the challenge NOT in PDF so I could make my own sheets with spaces for the books I may pick/suggestions and then another the same that I use for books I have read to keep track. Thanks

  2. Janet

    Well, this challenge kind of leaves me cold. I don't care about the confluence of movies and books; there are few bookstores in my rural area meaning that my opportunities to see the covers are limited
    ; and many more of these books are about things that I wouldn't know until after reading–ie a book that should be turned into a movie

    1. Ellie

      I really like the group though, so the ones I don't like I'll just be flexible with my interpretation. I don't really understand the not seeing covers bit, I read all formats and I see the covers online for those I don't have physical copies of. How do you select books without looking at the covers?

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