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It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday and I’m not in work, woohoo! So yes, I also got round to making a little IMWAYR graphic that’s more in keeping with my blog design. Feel free to grab it if you also have a darker looking blog.

IMWAYR is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey and is a little round-up of the week for bloggers that read.

Books I’ve read:

Hotel Angeline: A Novel in 36 Voices 4/5
Unsavory Delicacies by Russell Brooks 2/5
Binu and the Great Wall by Su Tong 4/5
House of Silence by Linda Gillard 3/5

Currently reading:

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Call myself a Pratchett fan, this isn’t a re-read, it’s been lurking on my shelves for years. I also managed to find the Amazing Maurice hidden back there too. I’ve also half-heartedly started Frost Moon by Anthony Francis for review.

Upcoming reads:

With yet another four day weekend I hope to get lots read this week including The Book of Crows by Sam Meekings and Feed by Mira Grant.


The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney (international)
A Vintage Affair was won by Ana Lucia

I also blogged about:

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  1. Anonymous

    I really must read something by Terry Pratchett. New follower.

  2. KarenSi

    How are you liking Good Omens? I liked it more than the Discworld books. Although, it's been years since I've read those and I should really give them a reread.

  3. Nikki - Notes of Life

    I've got a Pratchett book here waiting to be read, I really should get aruond to it soon! 🙂

  4. Ellie

    Karen I love the Discworld books, though not so much the earlier ones. Good Omens is now over 20 years old and I think it shows a bit. It's funny but it's easy to put down.

  5. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Terry Pratchett is an author I've been noticing, but have not yet read. Time to do that!

    Enjoy your reading…and your day off!


  6. Becky LeJeune

    My husband will probably string me up or disown me if I don't read Good Omens soon.

  7. Anonymous

    I love your button 🙂 can I grab it for my blog?

    I haven't read any of your book…thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Ellie

    Of course you can, whilst I love the meme I wasn't fond of the orginal graphic. I'm more than happy for others to use it.

  9. Anonymous

    Seems like you had a mixed week, some good books, some not so good. I hope you like your review book, but don't be afraid to write a negative review. Maybe it's just not your type of book, really?

    Have a good week!

  10. Chinoiseries

    The image you made fits your blog perfectly. It's a little dark for my blog though 😉 (Which is very, very light compared to yours)
    I've been wanting to read Binu, and I'm glad to see that you liked it. Did you discover it because it was part of The Myths series? If not, go check those out, pretty good books there 😀
    Any Pratchett is good in my books, love everything that man writes.
    And yay you for having read (and reviewed) Hotel Angeline! I only just downloaded it and was wondering if it was a good decision. Apparently it is!
    Have a great week 🙂

  11. Ellie

    I do collect The Myths, I posted about them just last week! Am really excited as Canongate are sending me the latest one for review.

  12. heather

    I love Terry Pratchett and reread the Discworld books all the time. My fiance doesn't understand. I keep trying to explain that they are both hysterical and profound.

  13. pussreboots

    Coming up I'll be reading a Harry Harrison book, more manga, more assigned reading for school and whatever else strikes my fancy. Come see what I finished this week.

  14. Elida

    Thank you for your comment! I would love to have the day off because of the wedding in London, but I have to work. I'm a big royalist, but I'll catch up when I get home. Have a good week!

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