I’ve already gone astray from the review pile this month, but I did need to read my sci-fi pick and am now reading my real life book group book (for Monday!). This week’s Review Cleanup challenge is to share our favourite reading places.

Like many of you, I read a lot from my bed. If it’s cold, dark and wet outside, there’s nothing I like better than climbing under the duvet with a good book. But, that’s not my favourite place to read. When the evenings get lighter and the temperature gets above chilly, I love to read outside. I live by the beach but I don’t often sit on the sand (gets everywhere and also gets busy in summer). There are cliffs here though and lovely grassy spots with benches along the top where I’m more likely to be found. There is one bit that is cut into the cliffs and it’s always lovely and peaceful and in spring, it comes alive with pretty wildflowers, mostly bluebells and sea pinks.

Sky Blue Pink Sea of Pink