This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) is for bookish websites and organisations (not including blogs). My list has a distinctly British feel to it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit them too!

ReadItSwapIt: I doubt I would have ever have started blogging if it wasn’t for this great site. The swapping side is UK only and is a book for a book system so no storing up points you’ll never use. The forum side is a great community where I can always stop by and chat about books or have a bit of a rant about something!

#2 Goodreads: I don’t know how I’d ever keep track of my books without it. I like having the app on my iPhone when I’m in charity shops and can’t remember if I already have a book I’m pondering.

#3 NetGalley: A great site for getting electronic review copies, they have a wide range of publishers covering all genres and even if you’re small fish, you’ll be surprised how many are happy to give you a chance. Mostly US publishers but many books are also released worldwide (and Angry Robot is a Brit publisher that uses the site).

Amazon: I know some people think Amazon is the root of all book evil but for the average person, they’re amazing. Great prices for the consumer, great customer service (speaking for the UK site only here) and their recommendation algorithm is pretty good. Shame the same can’t be said for some of the petty users of the site ruining the reviewing aspect.

#5 Bookmooch: Not everyone loves the system and John is trying his best to keep the site thriving. I have had a huge amount of books this way though. I send abroad a lot and use surface mail to keep costs down so I get a lot of points. Because I read such a wide variety I never have a problem spending said points either. I like making another reader happy by sending them a book they can’t get in their country easily.

Elf: Your personal library reminder service! You need to check that your local library is supported but if they are you can get email reminders to return or renew books. Handy if you get a lot out on different days!

#7 Guardian Books: The only newspaper site I visit on a regular basis. There’s always something interesting to read and they manage to not insult readers like some other sites that will remain unnamed!

#8 Cryprus Well: A resource for literature in the South West (England) where I live. It’s nice to keep in touch with the local aspect of the industry.

#9 The Bookseller: The site to follow if you’re at all interested in what’s going on in the publishing industry in the UK.

#10 Lovereading: A UK based recommendation site, you type in a book or author you’ve enjoyed and it gives suggestions back. I don’t use the site all that much but it does also have extracts and competitions on a regular basis.