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Month: June 2011


All Things French

You may notice a French flavour to my blog in July. The reason behind it will be Paris in July, hosted by Karen and Tamara, in which bloggers celebrate all things French. For once I’m getting prepared in advance and planning lots of interesting things…


Wild Card Wednesday

I’ll shut up soon I promise, I should really be reading instead of blethering into the ether. Wild Card Wednesday is a fun new meme hosted by Gabe @ Gabriel Reads. Choose one of your favorite characters and one of your least favorite characters. Now…


One Girl’s Thoughts on Sci-Fi

Yesterday The Guardian beat me to a topic with their article The incredible shrinking presence of women SF writers. Seriously, it’s spooky how I was thinking about the very subject on my way home from work. I thought, why bother, but I might as well…


I’m Going to the Olympics!

Not sure what for though! I’m pretty sure there will be horses involved. There have been many gleeful exclamations online the past few days as finally the Olympic ticketing peeps have started debiting accounts. How often are we happy to have money taken from us?…