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Category: Feature


Afrofuturism On My Shelves

The second Popsugar Reading Challenge prompt has resulted in a lot of discussion about what is afrofuturism in the Goodreads group for the challenge. There are some better definitions here and here, but how I understand it, it’s a cultural movement imagining different realities or…


Boarding School Stories FTW

I’ve found myself reading a lot of books set in boarding schools recently. I’ve always enjoyed this kind of setting, maybe its appeal stems from when, as a teenager, I daydreamed of being sent away to a more exciting place, with new opportunities for friendship,…


Chick-Lit is Not a Bad Word

Everyone now and then, someone gets their knickers in a twist over the use of the term “chick-lit” and it being demeaning to their work. It’s certainly not the readers of the genre, who use it with affection. We can’t blame the marketing people for…


I Turned Out All Right

The hot potato in the book blogosphere at the moment is that Wall Street Journal article on Young Adult fiction. I don’t read a lot of YA books now and I didn’t read ANY when I was a teen. I read adult books. I do…


One Girl’s Thoughts on Sci-Fi

Yesterday The Guardian beat me to a topic with their article The incredible shrinking presence of women SF writers. Seriously, it’s spooky how I was thinking about the very subject on my way home from work. I thought, why bother, but I might as well…