Not sure what for though! I’m pretty sure there will be horses involved.

There have been many gleeful exclamations online the past few days as finally the Olympic ticketing peeps have started debiting accounts. How often are we happy to have money taken from us? We won’t know what we’ve got exactly until 24th June unless you’ve got everything you’ve requested (unlikely) or have made a note of what costs what (not me). As a round number has been debited, the only thing I’m certain of is that I haven’t bagged a cheapo opening ceremony ticket.

My strategy of being selective has paid off, on the basis of the cost I’ve got half of what I applied for. There’s always a chance that people who have overspent won’t be able to pay and more tickets will be released to the rest of us. I could have got all three days of eventing, which is what I’d like. I’ll be gutted if I get the dressage and showjumping days without the cross-country and will be glued to the re-sales next year if that’s the case.

There will also be a mop up session of tickets for less popular events. From what I’ve gathered, this will only be open to those that applied in the first round. Tickets will be allocated based on the percentage of first round tickets you actually got. So those that got nothing will get the best second chance.

The official re-sale of tickets will be next year if you need to offload any however you won’t be able to charge more than face value. This will be good news for anyone that missed out in the current shambles!

Anyone else going?