Is the sleepy Lancashire village of Sticklepond ready for Gregory Warlock’s paganism and Chloe’s chocolate fortunes? Chloe runs a chocolate business from her family home with Grumps (aka Gregory Warklock), a well known pagan author who has been known to worship in the buff, and her teenage half-brother who she has raised since her mother abandoned them. When they move into the village, they must overcome the prejudices of the locals and also come face to face with the past.

This review is going to be a bit different from normal because this book has a content guide, much like those on films and games. So lets take a look to see how accurate it was…


I admit to being a big crier at books and films but I ended Chocolate Wishes with completely dry eyes. Chloe cries a few times though the overall tone is far too light-hearted to make the average reader weep.


Unless they mean naked senior citizens or a pagan party gone wrong, I don’t think there’s too much to thrill you.


In the basic sense, this is a drama. Some of the characters have some dramas and a few can be overly dramatic. I’ll give them this one.


Yes there is love, though if I told you who that would be spoiling the plot.


If I see “contains sex” on a book I’m going to think it’s a bit raunchy. This will either put people off reading it or end up with leaving fans of raunch a bit disappointed. Whilst some characters do have sex during the unfolding of the story, it’s not descriptive, more of, they fell into bed…fade to morning.


Whilst not laugh out loud funny, it is one of those sweetly humourous reads. Life can certainly be a bit different in villages and I think some of the caricatures will ring true.


Like all good chick-lit books, the central character has good close friends that share her trials and tribulations and sometimes make things worse.

Exclusive chocolate recipes

Not all that exciting, a chocolate spread which is a basic ganache and how to make your own easter eggs.

I’ll add, I thought the cover blurb gave too much away, with what I call a mid-story spoiler. It’s not the ending given away but something that happens at least half way through. I think I’d prefer a few mysterious sentences and a content guide over a spoiler any day, though they could work on being more accurate.