AKA In My Mailbox

One book for review this week, sent my the author, Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardian by Mark Caney. Sounds something a bit different although I won’t get round to reading it straight away.

I also attended the Firestation Book Swap on Tour in Portsmouth on Friday. It’s a really fun evening involving books, cake and friendly banter so if you’re ever in the vicinity of one, go! It’s normally held in Windsor. One of the author’s in attendance was Miriam Halahmy who has recently written a young adult book dealing with asylum seekers, Hidden, of which I bought a copy. I also swapped a book with Miriam for Gallowglass by Barbara Vine.

In other news, I finally found my library card! I took it out of my wallet when I went to San Francisco and put it somewhere “safe”. In celebration I took out Lament by Maggie Stiefvater and Encore Valentine by Adriana Trigiani. With the short winter days upon us, I really feel like some light reading.

Thursday evenings on Twitter are #BookTwub nights (8pm London time, although there were discussions of it starting later). I think they used to have a set read but it’s turned into a general bookish discussion. One of the questions was about cozy mysteries and I said I liked the idea of them but hadn’t really found any I liked. The lovely @LouiseReviews recommended Joanne Fluke’s books which also include recipes and we all know I like food! So I downloaded a Kindle copy of the first book, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder.

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