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An Autumn Crush
Chick-Lit, Romance

An Autumn Crush

After splitting with her husband, Juliet is in need of a flatmate and won’t settle for anyone she can’t be friends with. After a string of awful applicants, Floz walks through the door and the two women are soon firm friends. Juliet’s brother, Guy, takes an instant fancy to Floz but a series of misunderstandings cause a rift between the two. Guy’s best friend, Steve has had a crush on Juliet since primary school but hides behind a mask. Juliet thinks Steve is a knob.

It’s not rocket science to guess how things play out but there’s a few ups and downs along the way and some lessons to be learned. The book started off well with an instant connection to the characters and it had the ability to both entertain and move me.

This is the first novel I’ve read by Milly Johnson and at first I was worried that she was giving everything away. It was clear she was telling the story for each character’s perspective and I generally find that style gives too much away. In An Autumn Crush, not everyone is being completely honest to themselves which means there are some surprises to be had by the end.

If you fancy reading An Autumn Crush, I noticed Tesco are selling it for just Β£2.99 in store. Thank you to Simon & Schuster for providing a copy for review.

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  1. Hannah @ Dragons and Whimsy

    Hmm.. See I was sent a copy of An Autumn Crush as well and I did plan to read it I'm just struggling to get into the chick lit mindset which makes me a little sad because after a little searching on Goodreads I really like the sound of Milly Johnson. Touch wood I manage to read it soon but won't be in time to get a review out until at least the end of October.

    Once Upon A Time

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