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The Lover’s Dictionary
5 Star, General Fiction, Literary

The Lover’s Dictionary

candid, adj.
“Most times, when I’m having sex, I’d rather be reading.”
This was, I admit, a strange thing to say on a second date. I guess I was just giving you warning.
“Most times when I’m reading,” you said, “I’d rather be having sex.”

I don’t know what I was expecting from The Lover’s Dictionary but needless to say, this unconventional narrative of a relationship was wonderful. I know it says “a novel” on the cover but at first it didn’t quite click that each definition was the same you and I. But it feels genuine and so on the mark about so many aspects of dating and relationships, from good to bad, but done in a mostly anonymous way.

I was almost disappointed when names started to creep in (although it’s only the names their friends, an initial, their genders). They could be anybody and their anonymity makes it all the more intimate. Like sharing secrets with a stranger. But of course, the second person you, means the narrator is speaking to you as the reader, as if you were the other half in this relationship.

cocksure, adj.
We walk into a bar, and you’re aware of all the eyes on you.
We walk into a bar, and I’m aware of all the eyes on you, too.
For you, this translates into confidence. But me?
All I can feel is doubt.

It also works as a book to dip into. As it’s not linear, and it’s divided into bizesize entries, you can easily read one definition and have it bring a smile to your face. But definitely, the first time, read it from start to finish, it will only take a few hours and you will be left feeling like you got to know someone. Some the moments from definitions will be revisited under others, slowly building up a picture of this couple.

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  1. Anonymous

    I really really really want to read this one. It seem so unconvential and awesome 🙂

  2. DoingDewey

    Oh wow! I'd never heard of this one before and I've also not read anything by David Levithan, but the style in which this one is written seems so unique. What a cool book.

  3. Ellie

    *attempts to regain composure and stalks away, a la Lucius Malfoy right after Dobby blasts him on his ass*

    1. Ellie

      It's only so you don't get withdrawal symptoms once the shop is gone!

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