White witch Rachel Morgan is a runner for Inderland Security, a supernatural law enforcement agency, but she’s starting to tire of all the poor assignments she’s been getting. When she finally quits her job, two of her colleagues decide to follow suit; Ivy the vampire and Jenks the pixy. However leaving I.S. is not that easy and Rachel’s ex-boss is unhappy about losing Ivy so he takes a contract out on Rachel.

Dead Witch Walking is set in an alternative present where a large portion of the human population was wiped out by a virus caused by genetic engineering. During the outbreak, the supernatural beings of the world, witches, warlocks, vampires, weres, fairies and pixies, came out into the open to help but relations are still shaky. Biodrugs are now illegal and medicine restricted and because the virus was spread by tomatoes, humans are scared of them. I liked the concept and really wanted to enjoy the story but found it lacking.

The pacing is a bit off. Takes a while to get going which is fair enough, but it keeps stopping and starting. The section where Rachel turns into a mink is the best part and felt like a properly structured story but the padding around it seemed to go on and on. I didn’t really connect with the characters either, apart from maybe Trent who’s supposed to be the bad guy. The relationships were all a bit bland…I thought something interesting was going to happen with Ivy but she ends up taking the back seat.

There are a few loose threads that would make me consider reading more. I was recommended this series by a few people so it could be that it improves with further reading but it’s not one I wanted to leap onto the next book with.

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