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Month: December 2012

Historical Fiction

Unholy Night

The year is 2 BC. Balthazar is a thief and not just any thief, but the infamous Antioch Ghost. A thief that has been running rings round the Romans for years and they really want to catch him. Meanwhile, a young expectant couple are headed…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday The most exciting delivery this week was actually NEW BOOKCASES! I can finally remove all the books from the floor and also make an attempt at re-organising the hectic Billy bookcases which are double stacked and in complete chaos! For Review: The…


2013 Translation Challenge

Translated fiction is becoming much more popular these days but there are still lots of readers who ignore it. Reading international fiction is a great way to see different sides of other countries’ culture and every-day life as well as opening up a whole new…


December Sci-Fi Link-Up

Apparently science fiction writers don’t really do Christmas. I have been trying to find you a festive read for December but going by my own rules of being easily found and not too expensive, there wasn’t really a stand out book. So here are eight…

Chick-Lit, Romance

The Charm Bracelet

On the day of her father’s funeral, Holly received an anonymous gift; a charm bracelet. Throughout her life, charms have turned up mysteriously marking important events or choices. When she finds another charm bracelet in a vintage coat, she is determined to reunite it with…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I think I’ve managed to receive the thickest and thinnest books of the year in one week! Shooting Victoria may double as a weapon but it sounds like a fascinating history book on the men who tried to kill Queen Victoria. Among…


Bookish Advent

Want more from your advent calendar than a tiny portion of chocolate? Several UK publishers have online advent calendars up and running, offering a range of goodies from discounts to prizes or just a chance to see the team in video format! Head of Zeus…