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Category: 5 Star

5 Star, Science Fiction


Gemina pretty much follows the same formula as Illuminae; there are multiple dangers on board and the surviving characters are split up and must communicate mostly via chat. This is not a bad thing and I thoroughly enjoyed the second instalment of this fast-action space…

5 Star, Fantasy

The Obelisk Gate

The Obelisk Gate is the second book in the Broken Earth trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for The Fifth Season. After devouring The Fifth Season I was eager to continue Essen’s story and when The Obelisk Gate dropped into my lap via…

5 Star, Science Fiction


If you’ve spent any time around the YA community you’ll have heard of Illuminae. Why did I take so long to read it? I honestly don’t know because it is perfect for me. If you’re not aware, it’s a sort of futuristic epistolary novel, told…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

The Radium Girls

After radium was discovered by the Curies in 1898, it was considered a wonder chemical, curing cancer, glowing in the dark and invigorating the health of those who imbibed it. As we know today, radium is radioactive and incredibly dangerous. In 1920s America, two factories…

5 Star, Fantasy

The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season is the best fantasy I’ve read in a long time, it’s just outstanding. If you’re interested in geology and seismic activity as well as epic fantasy, this is the series for you! I had only really heard about N.K. Jemisin in relation…

5 Star, Young Adult


Warning, you will need tissues for Sarah Crossan’s next book! Moonrise‘s sparse yet beautiful free verse tells the story of Joe whose brother is on death row. It follows Ed’s final weeks as well as flashbacks to their childhood, which builds up your compassion for…

5 Star, Science Fiction

The Real-Town Murders

Adam Roberts’ books are definitely for those people who want extra layers in the stories they read. On the surface, The Real-Town Murders is a locked room mystery, albeit in a future setting, but it’s also about how governments seek to control and manipulate their…