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Tag: gail carriger


Q+A with Gail Carriger

I’m very excited to have Gail on the blog today, answering my questions on tea, self-defense and her new Custard Protocol book, Imprudence. First things first, how do you take your tea? Strong enough for a mouse to run across…



Imprudence is the second book in the Custard Protocol series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book, Prudence. Rue, and her family are still dealing with the political mess she started in India. Queen Victoria is…



She inspired, at even the best balls, a sensation of immanent dread. It was one of the reasons she was always at the top of all invitation lists. Dread had such an agreeable effect on on society’s upper crust. I’ll…

5 Star, Fantasy


“Bollocks,” said Lord Maccon upon seeing who stood before him. “Miss Tarabotti. What did I do to merit a visit from you first thing in the morning? I have not even had my second cup of tea yet.” Miss Alexia…