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Tag: juno dawson

Young Adult

Margot & Me

Fliss loves her mother, so when she suggests a spell in Wales will help her recovery from cancer, she can hardly refuse. Internally she can complain all she likes, as they go to live on her grandmother’s farm in the…

5 Star, Young Adult

All of the Above

It would be neater, wouldn’t it, if this was a story about self-harm or sexuality or eating disorders or drunk mums or ridiculously hot bass players, but it’s a story about all of them. Toria is starting a new school;…

Horror, Young Adult

Under My Skin

Quiet Sally Feather keeps her head down, at home and at school. When an encounter with a homeless man leads her to take refuge in a tattoo parlour, she makes a rash decision and gets a tattoo of a pin-up…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

This Book is Gay

This Book is Gay is the instruction manual for all those who have ever wondered. Sex education in the UK rarely covers relationships or body issues outside cis heterosexual and this book is something to plug the gap, covering many…

5 Star, Young Adult

Cruel Summer

Smiling, Ryan said, “It sounds mad, but I like to pretend we’re all in a big TV show.” It’s been a year since they left school. Ryan, Katie and Ben went their separate ways to university. Greg has a promising…

Horror, Young Adult

Hollow Pike

Liz knew she was dreaming, although this brought little comfort as the blood ran down her face. It rushed up her nostrils and caught in the back of her throat. The metallic taste choked her, panic creeping in. Liz has…