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Tag: mark forsyth

5 Star, Non-Fiction

A Christmas Cornucopia

Christmas is a funny old time of year, where we do some odd things and no one really knows why. Never fear, Mark Forsyth is here to explain some of our festive traditions, where they came from and why Christmas carols rarely make sense. If…


The Elements of Eloquence

The Elements of Eloquence; its very title an example of the first chapter’s rhetoric, alliteration. This charming little book from the man who brought you The Etymologicon and The Horologicon reveals the secrets of all great poets (and songwriters) with tongue firmly in cheek. Whilst…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

The Horologicon

For every hour of the day, The Horologicon brings us a lost word or four to perfectly suit any situation. Mark Forsyth takes us through an average working day from the first moments of consciousness to avoiding working at work, ending on a night out…