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Tag: mental health

Young Adult

When We Collided

This is where I am, somewhere between the night’s total darkness and the light’s utter brilliance. Vivi thinks Verona Cove is perfect. She’s spending the summer in this Californian town with her mother and she’s just found the perfect project; Jonah. She sees the sadness…

Young Adult

The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Some problems are bigger than the end of the world. With the end of school looming, it is Mikey’s last chance to tell Henna how he feels. He’s not one of the Indie kids, the chosen ones who always seem to be battling something. This…

Young Adult

Am I Normal Yet?

Starting at a new college, where no one knows her as the girl who went crazy, Evie is determined to get her life back on track and start being a normal teenage girl. She’s almost off her meds and is getting out and going to…

5 Star, Chick-Lit

The Day We Disappeared

Annie hates it when people work out she’s that Annie Mulholland. She’s been running from her past all her life, putting it on hold whilst she hides behind locked doors, only socialising once a month with her good friends in Le Cloob. Until one day…


Reasons to Stay Alive

At 24 Matt Haig was standing on the edge of a cliff in Ibiza, contemplating ending his life. When severe depression and anxiety struck, he could see no way to go on, but he did. This book is his story of the worst days of…


The Man Who Couldn’t Stop

A lot of people have misconceptions about what OCD is. Often, they are confusing it with OCPD, where we think of people being overly clean and keeping everything in order. Those with OCPD don’t see it as irrational behaviour. OCD on the other hand is…