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Tag: morgan matson

Young Adult

Take Me Home Tonight

When Stevieโ€™s dad cancels her 18th birthday dinner, her best friend Kat convinces her to go into New York anyway, they can have a night on the town, see a play, eat out at a fancy restaurant. But things start…

Young Adult

Save the Date

Charlie’s the youngest member of the Grant family, a family whose life has been semi-fictionalised in a newspaper comic strip for as long as she can remember. Grant Central is coming to an end, and with it the sale of…

Young Adult

The Unexpected Everything

Andieโ€™s father is a congressman, well he was until scandal hits and he takes a break for summer. Sheโ€™s not that concerned until her coveted medical placement is cancelled last minute. Possibly because of the scandal. With all her summer…