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Tag: science

5 Star, Non-Fiction

Do No Harm

Every operation on the brain comes with great risks. The delicate organ inside our skulls holds our very selves, but one wrong cut can end in devastating results. We put a lot of faith in the doctors who wield the…


Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?

What’s going on inside the zombie brain? From the characteristic shuffle and moaning to their lack of awareness, can it all be explained by science? Join two neuroscientists on their journey to diagnose the zombie condition. Something that sounds like…


The Man Who Couldn’t Stop

A lot of people have misconceptions about what OCD is. Often, they are confusing it with OCPD, where we think of people being overly clean and keeping everything in order. Those with OCPD don’t see it as irrational behaviour. OCD…


Time Warped

Time is a funny old thing. It drags whilst we’re at work or in a waiting room yet flies by at the weekend and everyone is convinced that times speeds up as we get older. In Time Warped, Claudia Hammond…