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Tag: tanya byrne



The last person to die each year becomes a reaper, helping guide souls to Charon so they can move on. This year, that person is Ash Persaud but she’s not ready to let go. She just wants to see the girl she loves again, despite…

Young Adult

For Holly

Having lost her mother, seventeen year old Lola has been living with her grandmother, slowly slipping away from the person she was. Sent to stay with her father in Paris, she is determined to go back to her life in London. She can’t believe how…

5 Star, Young Adult

Follow Me Down

I don’t know how it came to this, when being friends became so hard. When I was a kid, making friends was easy. On my first day of school, I shared my crayons with Mbeke and that was it, we were best friends. Now it’s…