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Tag: tom pollock

Young Adult

White Rabbit, Red Wolf

Peter Blankman is scared of everything. Suffering from severe panic attacks, he uses maths to help calm his mind. His mother and sister are his support network, understanding his needs and being there for him. Then the unthinkable happens, his mother is stabbed and his…

5 Star, Fantasy

Our Lady of the Streets

Our Lady of the Streets is the concluding part of the Skyscraper Throne trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. It’s been four months since Mater Viae passed through from London-Under-Glass and claimed her throne. In those four months, the…

5 Star, Fantasy

The Glass Republic

The Glass Republic is the sequel to The City’s Son and therefore this review may contain spolers for the first book (which you really should read). Pen’s a survivor. Returning to school, she dreads showing her scarred face among her classmates and them finding out…

5 Star, Fantasy

The City’s Son

London City is alive. When Beth and her best friend Pen are caught spraying graffiti at their school, Pen turns Beth in. Reeling from the betrayal, Beth stumbles into another London, one where railwraiths transport memories of passengers, where the lights are living glass people…