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The Gathering
Fantasy, Young Adult

The Gathering

Bitten was the book that got me hooked on urban fantasy, so I love reading anything Kelley Armstrong writes. The Gathering is the first in a new young adult trilogy set in the same universe as Women of the Otherworld and is similar her The Darkest Powers trilogy. The small town where Maya lives is run by the St. Cloud family and she believes they’re working on top secret medical research. There’s a good chance that’s exactly what they’re doing, but established fans will know who the St. Clouds are even though they’ve not featured heavily in her other books.

The plot is fairly slow and I’m not sure if it will appeal to readers new to Kelley’s world. I would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read The Gathering without any prior knowledge of the Otherworld. Personally, I love trying to make all the connections.

Sadly, the book doesn’t really finish. It’s designed as part one of a trilogy and it’s obvious at the end that there’s still much more to tell. I don’t mind this so much if books are a bit older and I can sit and read them back to back but I imagine there will be a long wait til the next one.

Kelley recently announced her plans to put the Women of the Otherworld series to bed after book 13. Us fans are clutching at whatever we can get so it’s positive that there’s still the young adult books to look forward to. I did enjoy her two Nadia Stafford crime books so I’ll be looking forward to whatever project she embarks on next. If I’m lucky I’ll get another instalment of Nadia and Jack!

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  1. KarenSi

    I love Kelley Armstrong too. I remember reading the first one on a whim and as I had some vouchers to burn I bought the rest. I do think they are losing something though so maybe it's a good thing she is ending them. Quiting whilst she's ahead? The last one I read I think was Frostbitten. Still to read the one with Savannah which I intend to eventually. I didn't realise she had another YA series out though. I read The Summoning and bk2 of that series and thought they were okay.

  2. Ellie

    I do prefer the books around the werewolves. My sums make out that there will be two more, Spellbound which is due out this year and will continue on from Waking The Witch and one more that I guess will tidy up any loose ends. I think she said that she would struggle to come up with original ideas for the series and didn't want it repeating itself. There might be another short story collection too as she's written a lot that haven't been published in hard copy.

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